For free and fair FONRWA polls
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For free and fair FONRWA polls

Efforts are on to make the FONRWA elections absolutely free and fair. 

For free and fair FONRWA polls

Federation of Noida Residents Welfare Association (FONRWA), an apex body of residents’ associations of the city, has reworked the processes and procedures for the election of the office bearers, scheduled for July 30.

The main objective is to keep the elections to the federation free and fair and to avoid acrimony and disputes that marked the polls last year.

On Sunday, the apex body declared names of two main contestants at a press conference held at Sector 53, Noida. Incumbents NP Singh and AN Dhawan, sitting president and secretary general of the federation, were seeking re-election to the body.

Sushil Agarwal, patron of the federation said that the current membership strength of the apex residents’ body is 175. There are divergent views among the members and differences were bound to be there, he said. The sitting president is trying his best to keep them united, just like the secretary general. “The two have been working tirelessly. Which is why, we have asked them to contest the election as the federation needs them for another two years,” Agarwal said.    

Politicking as well as campaigning for the elections has already begun.

Agarwal said, “The federation has several members and all of have different opinions. Due to difference in ones’ opinion with the other, such noise cannot be ruled out. But we have been working for making the city a good one, we will continue working to make Noida a friendly city for residents”

PS Jain, another patron of the federation, NP Singh, AN Dhawan, Suresh Tiwari, and other senior members of the federation were present at the press conference.

During the previous elections, held two years ago, members of the federation had quarrelled with each other amid allegations of unfair elections. Formation of office bearers and executive body took a long-time due to the tussle.

The attempt this time is to avoid all this and have a smooth affair.