Green Team urges pet owners to 'scoop the poop'
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Green Team urges pet owners to 'scoop the poop'

Because your dog can't do it himself.

Green Team urges pet owners to 'scoop the poop'

The Green Team, a resident group famous for tree-planting drives and cleaning dirty public areas in Indirapuram, has now come up with a new initiative to spread awareness among pet owners. The initiative, dubbed “Scoop the Poop”, encourages pet owners to clean up after their pets. It is part of their cleanliness drive set to be held on July 24.

Speaking to City Spidey, members said it became very difficult at times to take morning walks due to animal litter left strewn on roadsides and footpaths of residential areas.

However, many residents City Spidey spoke to maintained that due to the restrictions on relieving their pets within the societies, pet owners had to take their pets outside. In doing so, the society premises were left clean but the neighbourhood roads dirty. 

“We are trying to take recommendations from responsible pet owners who clean up after their pets," said Jayati Jain, a Green Team member. "We have found that it is practised by many and are trying to rope in their support for the drive.”

For the cleanliness drive on July 24, the team has recced the stretch between DPS and Shanti Gopal Hospital in Ahinsa Khand II and has also approached real estate developers who have projects in the neighbourhood to sponsor dustbins and other required items.

“The planned drive will be conducted in two phases. The first phase will be conducted on July 24 and the second on July 30. We have been sharing the information via social media and WhatsApp groups and have also shared images related to it. We expect more and more participation from residents and will try to make this a regular affair,” added Jain.