Dwarka: Who’s to guard the new manhole covers?
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Dwarka: Who’s to guard the new manhole covers?

Authorities claim manhole covers are often stolen by drug addicts at night, so without effective surveillance just provding new covers won’t help.

Dwarka: Who’s to guard the new manhole covers?

Open manholes in Dwarka have become a life threat for commuters and residents, but the authorities plead helplessness!

At several places — such as in front of Air force Naval Apartments and Sri Agrasen Apartments in Sector 7 — the manholes are on the footpath right in front of the societies. Many of them can be found on the master plan roads, and are difficult to spot — like the ones on the footpath along the Road Number 226 in Sector 20. 


Open manholes in front of Sector 7 park


A resident of Air Force Naval Apartments, Sector 7, Captain UC Prasad, said, “There are about five manholes along the footpath in front of our society. And, they are all near the bus stand. The area is an important junction to go towards sectors 6, 8, 9 and 10. These open manholes are a life threat — the civic bodies should cover them as soon as possible.”

City Spidey spoke to residents and the RWAs on the matter.

Advocate KS Bhati, president of Federation of RWAs of Sector 9, and president of Ganpati Apartments, said, “The approach of the civic bodies is extremely callous! We got them to cover a manhole near Royal Residency Apartments after several follow-ups.”

PC Xavier, a resident of Sahyadri Apartments in Sector 12, has been pursuing the matter with the DDA since long. With his efforts hundreds of manholes were covered — but some still remain open again. He explains, “Open manholes are on the footpaths —it’s dangerous for senior citizens and the children. I wrote on the issue several times to the DDA, and also corresponded with the grievance cell of the government. Some manholes were covered, but many are still uncovered.  The authorities should maintain a list of such manholes, and ensure quick work on them.”

Manhole covers, according to the authorities, are often stolen by drug addicts at night. Requesting anonymity, an official of the DDA said, “We replace the missing manhole covers and the drug addicts steal them! We need support from the police too.”