Gurgaon: Overflowing sewer water sets off dengue panic

By Reena Dhankher
Photo: Betterdelhi.files.wordpress.com
Posted: Jul 21, 2017

Despite numerous visits to the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG), residents of Sector 21, Palam Vihar, have no respite from the overflowing sewer pipe.

Three nallahs have been connected to the colony’s 10-inch sewage pipe, leading to the overflow.

“The water has collected on the roads. We have complained to the MCG commissioner, and after 34 days, we found respite, but just two days. The situation is now back to square one!” complained Col Umed Singh Sangwan, a resident.

“The situation is ripe for dengue. Though we have requested fogging, residents are still apprehensive. Furthermore, with all the sewage on the road, potholes are difficult to identify,” added Dr Hari Singh, another resident.

Authorities, are you listening?


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