Why some Ghaziabad parents don't want kids to play outside

Overgrown trees touching electric wires
By Toshik Kardam
Photo: Toshik Kardam
Posted: Mar 31, 2016

Residents of Nehru Nagar Colony, Ghaziabad, are a worried lot. The cause for their concern is branches of overgrown trees that can be seen touching electric poles and wires.

Fearing mishaps, especially involving children, residents have taken the issue to the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation. But the corporation is yet to prune the trees.

Mahipal Singh Panwar, president of RWA, Nehru Nagar, said, “Some branches are in contact with the overhead wires. There is fear of short circuit or the live wires breaking if there's a strong wind. There is also a chance of these trees being electrified during the rains. Parents do not allow their children to go out and play out of fear of electrocution.”

Shiv Kumar Agarwal, local councillor, told City Spidey, “This is a major problem being faced by the residents of the area. I will speak to officials of the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation and ask them to get the trees pruned.” 

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