Noida, Sector 26: 15-hour power cut, and yet no respite!

By Avishek Dubey
Photo: Kemptonexpress.co.za
Posted: Jul 25, 2017

Residents of Sector 26, Noida, haven’t had power supply for the last 15 hours. It went out at about 9 pm yesterday, and is yet to be back.

Night-long power cuts became routine for this sector during the past one week.

Surprisingly, a few residents have attributed a political a motive to the power cuts, calling them a deliberate attempt to malign the present government.

Manoj Kesari, a member of the RWA, told City Spidey, “Due to the storm, a tree branch fell on the overhead electricity cable, causing the load-shedding. We had asked Noida Authority officials to prune the trees of the sector before the monsoon arrived, but they did nothing.”

The rains last week just added to the woes. "Power was tripping throughout on the week due to a transformer fault. There are 15 transformers in the sector. We didn’t even get the chance to recharge our inverters,” Kesari added.

An official of the electric department of Sector 20 said his team is on the job and supply would be normal by evening.

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