The UP RERA website presents: Naag Raj the realtor, with his project 'Gufa'
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The UP RERA website presents: Naag Raj the realtor, with his project 'Gufa'

You will on the UP RERA website. Yes, incredible, but true! Many homebuyers feel the website only went live because of the growing pressure from buyers.

The UP RERA website presents: Naag Raj the realtor, with his project 'Gufa'

A couple of days after the RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) website was launched by the UP government, homebuyers and apartment owners called it a half-hearted effort and a misleading gesture of temporary respite.

Homebuyers complained the website was replete with flaws and misleading information about projects and promoters.

The list of promoters includes a name "Naag Raj", with father’s name added "Anaconda"! And guess the address? "Gufa"! (Look at No 91 on the list below)



Within a day of the launch on July 26, homebuyers took to social media platforms Facebook and Twitter to post screenshots of the website, while tagging the Twitter handles of state-government offices.

Speaking to City Spidey, Anant Sharma, a homebuyer from Noida, said, “Homebuyers thought the website would be a potent weapon to fight scams and misdemeanours of erring realtors. We were expecting a sword, and the state government gave us a rusty, blunt knife. The government came up with an amateurish website, which has none of the things promised,” he retaliated.

Apartment owners and representatives of their associations went ahead to compare the website with what other states have.

“The website launched by the Maharashtra government has a lot more detail, complying with the guidelines of the RERA Act. Our RERA website is not even half-cooked, it’s more like ‘quarter-cooked’ — far from ready!” retorted Alok Kumar, patron of Federation of AOA, Ghaziabad.

City Spidey spoke to buyers on what they were looking forward to on the website.



More details — the site plan, deed of declaration, crucial project-related details, often altered by developers without the buyers’ cognizance — need to be included, felt buyers. The realtors — irrespective of whether individual towers or phases had received occupation certificates — must reveal project-level details.

Quite surprisingly, the UP RERA website has links to the websites of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, which homebuyers find way better.

Several IT professionals from Gautam Budh Nagar and Ghaziabad, homebuyers themselves, felt that the website looks like it was still being developed, with many features in the testing phase. “They [the government] might have gone live with the website under pressure from buyers and residents,” said a buyer.