Tomorrow never comes for NH 24-widening project
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Tomorrow never comes for NH 24-widening project

The date for the tender process has been delayed yet again to  April 12. Desperate residents say they will hold a protest if things aren't straightened out this time.

Tomorrow never comes for NH 24-widening project Residents are tired of traffic jams on NH 24

Residents of Ghaziabad, especially Crossings Republik, are furious over yet another extension of the tender process for the widening of NH 24.

The project, to widen the national highway from its existing 8 lanes to 14 lanes, was inaugurated last December by PM Narendra Modi. However, since then, it has been a continuous stream of procrastinations. The previous date for tendering was March 29, which was again postponed to April 12.

Speaking to City Spidey, Alok Kumar, president of FedAOA and a resident of Indirapuram, said this was the fifth time the tender date had been postponed. "With the tendering process yet to begin, how does the government intend to finish work in the promised 18-month period from the day of inauguration?" he asked. "The NH 24 Dream doesn't seem like one that's coming true any time soon. Residents are desperate for a wider arterial road." 

It was only a few weeks back that residents of Ghaziabad took to Twitter to demand answers from PM Modi and Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India. 

Pooja Shrivastava, a resident of Crossings Republik, told City Spidey that she had planned shifting to a different locality to get away from the traffic congestion on NH 24. Shrivastava, who is also the vice-president of FedAOA, said that if the tender process was not initiatied this time, the FedAOA would meet Gadkari to discuss the problem. "If that, too, doesn't help, we will be forced to stage a protest in front of the minister's office," she added.