Tread with caution in these Dwarka parks
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Tread with caution in these Dwarka parks

You never know when you step on an open wire or touch an open electric box.

Tread with caution in these Dwarka parks

Taking a walk in Dwarka parks has now become an exercise in caution for residents. Why? Because they not only have to negotiate the occasional puddles of rainwater but also take care to not touch any exposed electric wire or open box in the parks. And this is the case in both DDA and municipal corporation-owned parks.

The rains have made matters even more dangerous. In fact, a few parkgoers and their pets have suffered electric shocks. Thankfully, there have been no serious injuries so far. 

In the words of Namita Chaudhury, a resident of Sector 3, “After a young boy experienced an electric shock from a naked wire lying hidden in a bush, a wave of panic has been triggered among parkgoers.  This is dangerous. Authorities should look into the matter and ensure there is no such wires or open junctions in parks.”

According to residents of the sub-city, there are numerous parks in Dwarka where open boxes and exposed wires have remained unattended for over a year now. Sectors 3, 7, 13 and 14 are just a few of them.

AK Parashar, a resident of Sri Agrasen Apartments in Sector 7, says, “I have been noticing the same open wires and electric box in my neighbourhood park for more than a year now. What is the municipal corporation doing? This shows how callous their attitude is. Such things should be taken seriously to avert any mishap.”