Park View Residency: Women residents' kindness leaves security guard speechless
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Park View Residency: Women residents' kindness leaves security guard speechless

Women residents wasted no time, collected Rs 13,000 and handed it over to security guard Dharmender Pandey who fell prey to confidence tricksters as he was going to the bank to deposit his money.

Park View Residency: Women residents' kindness leaves security guard speechless

The helping nature of women residing in high rise condominium of Park View Residency in Gurgaon came to the fore on Saturday after they got together to reimburse the monthly salary of a security guard, who was cheated by two motorcycle-borne youth when he had gone to the bank across the road to deposit money in his account.

Dharmender Pandey, a security guard at the residential complex, was nearing State Bank of India, Palam Vihar, when he was accosted by two youths and engaged him in conversation. The unsuspecting guard told them he was going to deposit his salary in the bank account. The youth took out what seemed like a bundle of Rs 2,000 notes and promised to give the entire bundle, worth Rs 30,000 to him if he gave the smaller currency notes he was carrying. He was carrying Rs 13,000 with him, the monthly salary that he usually deposits in the bank so that his folks back home can access.



“I lost all sense of balance and feeling elated, I handed over the money to them and took the bundle. And within minutes, the youth disappeared. It turned out that the bundle comprised plain papers stapled together,” Pandey told City Spidey. “It was as if I was in a trance, completely hypnotised,” he said.

The guard, when he narrated the incident to supervisor, BS Chauhan. Chauhan told City Spidey that “We tried to check the CCTV footages of shops around and through eyewitnesses tried to find the guys but all was in vain. They had cleverly got away from the SBI CCTV angle.”

When the ladies of the residential towers came to know of this incident, they lost no time in collecting money and reimbursed the total Rs 13,000 Pandey lost to the cheats.

Pratibha Agarwal took the lead in the initiative to collect money from residents in Tower 6 and Tower 7.

“Pandey's face lit up when he received the money,” she said. “These people work so hard for us and when I came to know of the incident I felt so bad and wanted to help. So, I approached a few ladies and we gathered the amount that he had lost and gave it to him,” said Pratibha Grewal, a resident of Tower 6.

The expression on his face was matchless. “I was completely lost losing my salary, but this gesture left me speechless,” said Pandey said with tears of gratification filling up his eyes.

Speaking to City Spidey, Vikas Dhull, president of the RWA, said, “These kinds of gestures help these less fortunate helps build human relations that cannot be explained in words. This act of compassion will be remembered by the guard forever who felt so thankful,” he said.