Missing in action: Federation of Mayur Vihar Ph I Ext president
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Missing in action: Federation of Mayur Vihar Ph I Ext president

A senior member of the federation of CGHSs said most members were using the body to gain political mileage.

Missing in action: Federation of Mayur Vihar Ph I Ext president

At the time when the city’s RWAs are in a race to make their associations stronger and more active with increased participation of the residents, the federation of Mayur Vihar Phase I Extension CGHS seems to be running in the opposite direction.

A senior member on condition of anonymity alleged that earlier the federation used to be more active. These days, however, the members, instead of thinking about the development of their societies were using the federation to gain political mileage. Over the past few years, the federation has reached an almost defunct condition. This present situation has resulted in no new development in the area. 

"The main reason why the federation has reached the present state of affairs is that it is not holding fresh elections," said Umed Singh, a senior member of the federation. "The tenure of the present committee has expired two years back. Individual members, in a span of two years have sent at least three recommendation letters to the CGHS Registrar office. Fresh elections are required to elect the new committee members,” said Singh.

Singh further said the Mayur Vihar Phase I Extension CGHS federation has no registered building where committee members can hold meetings. “The previous committee had tried its best to have its own office. We had requested DDA to allot a land for this purpose. Politicians or the government bodies are not paying any heed to us only because of the lack of coordination among the members.”

Fed up with the inaction of the present federation committee, residents are eager for fresh elections to elect their active members. City Spidey spoke to the presidents of nearly one dozen representatives of different housing societies, such as Samachar Apartments, Lovely Apartments, East End Apartments, Vardhaman Apartments and Kirti Apartments to name a few. Most of them requested not to be named but all of them wanted fresh elections.

A senior member of Lovely Apartment managing committee said, “The president of the federation is in Mumbai most of the time. He does not have time for the federation. The situation will remain the same unless fresh members are elected.”

City Spidey also made several calls to Shankar Bhan, the chairman of the federation, to get his view on this issue but he did not respond.