RESIDENT CAM: God's own canvas


RESIDENT CAM: God's own canvas

As seen through the lens of Nitin Sirohi, resident of Uppal's Southend, Gurgaon, right before it started pouring!

RESIDENT CAM: God's own canvas Pure coincidence or divine intervention?

"Lucy in the sky with diamonds"

                                             -The Beatles


Yes, monsoon may mean mayhem in Gurgaon, what with flooded roads and nasty traffic. How about looking at the nicer side? How about looking upwards? That's when you see the pretty canvas the big man up there has painted! And that's what Nitin Sirohi, a resident of Uppal's Southend in Gurgaon and the owner of a phenomenal rooftop garden, has done, and look what he captured!

Shapes of clouds, the play of colours; or are these picture-coded messages from some divine entity?

City Spidey brings you some images he captured on the eve of a monsoon downpour in G-town.


MUSHROOM CLOUD: Sunset + clouds = Pure awesomeness! 


TWILIGHT SKY: A concrete water tank stands proudly against the gold-hued clouds 


WATERCOLOUR SKY: The reflection of the setting sun often creates artistic gems in the sky


ALIEN INVASION?: Clouds loom over the city as if an armada of UFOs planning to launch an attack 


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