Dwarka: First bad roads, now tilting trees!
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Dwarka: First bad roads, now tilting trees!

The menacing tilt of trees along the roads is a cause for concern for both pedestrians and commuters.

Dwarka: First bad roads, now tilting trees!

Walking or driving inside Dwarka is becoming more of an issue every day. Apart from traffic and bad roads, pedestrians and commuters have to now be wary of trees tilting dangerously towards the road, particularly on stretches along Master Plan Road 201, Master Plan Road 226 and Master Plan Road 202.  

A resident of Sector 7, Ayush Verma, said, “The trees are particularly tilted on the route connecting Ganpati Chowk to Sector 9 Metro station. In fact, a tree near Paradise Apartments in Sector 9, located on the central verge, is almost about to fall! This could be dangerous for commuters. The authorities should look into the matter. Such trees should either be removed or transplanted."



Some trees are lying uprooted, mostly on footpaths, causing a lot of inconvenience to pedestrians. The civic authorities have still not removed a tree that had fallen in front of Om Apartments in Sector 14. While they have pruned its branches on the complaint of residents, part of the tree is still jutting into the road.

Expressing his concern, Rakesh Godara, RWA president of Om Apartments, said, “DDA should immediately remove this tree, as the branches after pruning have become sharp and can be fatal to commuters if they happen to hit it.”

Environmentalists and green activists have said that the trees are tilting because the rains have weakened their roots. They have also attributed this phenomenon to limited space for expansion at the base. “DDA should look into these concerns at the earliest,” a green enthusiast said.

Addressing the matter, YD Sharma, director of horticulture, DDA, said, “We are going to write to the forest department seeking its permission for removing all trees that are likely to fall on roads and pavements. This is to reiterate our commitment towards the safety of residents."

He added. “I have issued instructions to remove the fallen tree in front of Om Apartments.”