Noida: If you got a sticker on your car, you parked wrong!
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Noida: If you got a sticker on your car, you parked wrong!

In a bid to streamline parking, and thus congestion, Noida traffic police has started sticking challans on vehicles violating parking norms.

Noida: If you got a sticker on your car, you parked wrong!

Have you parked your car wrong? Well, check for the sticker.

Noida traffic police is sticking challans on vehicles that violate parking norms.  

If you have a sticker on your vehicle, you need to deposit the fine with the police within 10 days. But after the 10-day deadline, you will need to go to the court to pay the fine.

The traffic police will also do a recce of sectors where parking plans exist, but only on paper  — the designated areas are being used for other purposes.

Noida residents say parking in the residential sectors is worst — visitors park cars right in front of other people’s gates. And this is done with impunity, as there’s no threat of punishment.  

Anil Kumar Jha, SP traffic, asserts, “Improper parking of vehicles is also one of the main reasons behind traffic congestion.”

RK Mishra, ACEO of Noida Authority, adds, “Project engineers have been instructed to assess the need for parking in group housing societies, shopping malls, industrial zones and commercial  areas. Also, they have been told to check whether or not the allottee of the land has indeed created a suitable parking space according to the Authority-sanctioned plan. If the cars are parked haphazardly despite the presence of a designated parking space, the project engineer of the circle will be called in for answers.”

The authority is expected to spell out a parking policy for the city after obtaining the reports from the project engineers.