One day on, Armaan Sehgal's death remains just as mysterious
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One day on, Armaan Sehgal's death remains just as mysterious

Though it declared today a holiday, the school maintained its uncooperative silence and declared its premises off-limits to the media.

One day on, Armaan Sehgal's death remains just as mysterious

Ten-year-old Armaan Sehgal was cremated today, but he left us with a set of unanswered questions. The silence of the school has worsened the situation, as everyone is left wondering what exactly happened.

However, the post mortem report of the deceased revealed that he had died of head injuries. The boy had two primary injuries, one on his nose and the other on his head. There were no signs of bleeding and the police said death was caused due to internal haemorrhage.

A day after the incident took place, there is still very little movement to be seen on the case, apart from the visit of a forensics team to the school around 4 pm today. A spot inquiry was also conducted by the district administration, which found a few problems with the first aid facilities of the school. The officials and media personnel present also found a faulty oxygen cylinder and a strip of expired medicine in the school's first aid kit.


Medicines that expired in June this year


Several attempts to approach the school authority failed. Queries were not responded to by the principal or the school's media coordinator, and reception personnel repeatedly tried to deflect our questions with promises of getting back with responses later.

A day after the incident, the case remains just as mysterious as it was yesterday.

After yesterday’s inquiry, Preety Jaiswal, ADM of Ghaziabad, had directed the police to come up with a sequence of events that could have unfolded after the incident.

Although the school was closed today in memory of Armaan Sehgal, the premises were strictly off-limits to the media. Ghaziabad police claimed that a preliminary forensic test had been conducted yesterday and that the team revisited the school today only for further investigation. On being asked about what they discovered, Anoop Singh, Circle Officer of Indirapuram zone, said, “We will divulge details only after results of the investigation have been finalised.” 

Meanwhile, parents from Ghaziabad have also planned to hold a candle march. Speaking to City Spidey, Sachin Soni, member of the All Schools Parents Association, said they were set to meet Akash Tomar, SP City of Ghaziabad, to demand proper investigation into the incident.