TIMELINE: This is why Armaan Sehgal's mother calls it a murder
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TIMELINE: This is why Armaan Sehgal's mother calls it a murder

This was the first time Armaan's parents stepped foot inside the school after his death. Here's a timeline of what followed...

TIMELINE: This is why Armaan Sehgal's mother calls it a murder

It's been two days since the death of Armaan Sehgal, a Class IV student of GD Goenka School but the parents were yet to enter the school. Today, Armaan's parents, local MLAs and parent associations entered the school for the first time since his death. There was no one from the school management present today. And it was an eventful day. Here's how it unfolded: 

3.06 pm: Enraged parents and relatives of Armaan reach the school and wait for local MLAs at the gate


3.10 pm: Armaan's parents accuse the school of negligence.  


3.15 pm: Swati Sehgal, Armaan's mother, talks to City Spidey saying she thinks the school 'targeted' her son because she did not get along well with her. She said Armaan did not receive proper first aid — the oxygen cylinder in the medical room did not function properly and the medicines were well past their expiry dates. "There were lunch boxes inside the medical room," she alleged. "It was not a medical room but a lunch room for teachers." She claimed that the CCTV camera that covered the area in front of Armaan's classroom had been removed. "The school says Armaan wet himself during the fall, but that is not true," she said. "It rained last night. He had slipped on a wet floor and that is why his clothes were wet. But the school has twisted facts to suit themselves and mislead the police. It takes 5 minutes to reach Shanti Gopal Hospital. We received a call 20 minutes later. They must have bribed the hospital before calling us. The school must be sealed. We want justice!" She named the school management and demanded the members be arrested as soon as possible.


Armaan's mother calls the incident an outright "murder"


3.20 pm: Armaan's mother breaks down at the school gate, as Armaan's birthday was just around the corner (September). Relatives come forward to console her. 



3.34 pm: BJP MLA Sunil Sharma, state minister Atul Garg, Ajay Sharma, district leader, the SSP and the ADM reach the school and meet Armaan's parents.


3.36 pm: Armaan's relatives struggle to enter the school as police tries to limit the number of people coming in


3.40 pm: Armaan's parents, the ministers and representatives of several parent associations from across Ghaziabad enter the school compound with the police


3.45 pm: Armaan's mother tells her side of the story to the ADM and other politicians — how she was not informed the moment the incident happened and how the school might have tampered with evidence, which was also mentioned in the FIR filed against the school


3.53 pm: The group finds an area on the school's ground floor that had a wet floor. The area is easily accessible by the students. Armaan's clothes were wet when his body was found. 


3.56 pm: Armaan's parents show the ADM and the politicians present the spilt water on the floor


3.58 pm: The school's medical room camera is found to be disconnected 


4.01 pm: Armaan's parents talk to Sahibabad MLA Sunil Sharma (centre)


4.06 pm: The people present head to the school terrace


4.07 pm: The people find a leaking water tank on the terrace. Parents alleged that this was the spot the accident occurred in

The floor was mossy and slippery, which could have caused the fall


4.11 pm: They go downstairs and come across a sealed-off under-construction area on the second floor, beside Armaan's classroom


4.12 pm: They demand that the area be opened


4.14 pm: MLA assures investigation of this spot


4.15 pm: The forensics team arrives at the school


4.17 pm: The under-construction area is opened to the people present and the forensics team


4.20 pm: Ghaziabad Mayor Ashu Verma reaches the school


4.22 pm: A notice on the school board clearly shows the Class IV classrooms on the second floor. Usually, classrooms for younger schoolchildren are on the ground floor



4.25 pm: A member of the parents association asks Sunil Sharma, Sahibabad MLA, why a forensics investigation will be conducted now, three days after an FIR has been lodged


4.27 pm: Minister of state Atul Garg talks to the gathering


4.49 pm: The authorities take a round of the GD Goenka premises


7.25 pm: GD Goenka School, Indirapuram, announces that school will remain closed until August 7


Speaking to City Spidey, Rajesh Yadav, ADM F&R (finance & revenue) said that the district magistrate had ordered a probe into the Armaan Sehgal case. The ADM will probe into the matter and file a report within 15 days.

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