The Armaan Sehgal case reminds us of an equally mysterious murder not long ago

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Posted: Aug 03, 2017

Is the Armaan Sehgal death probe heading towards another botched-up investigation, just as the 2008 Aarushi-Hemraj case of Noida? Has vital evidence been trampled upon and destroyed by now? Will the police or any other investigating agency ever be able to solve this jigsaw, with so many missing pieces and links?

Well, the shoddy investigations conducted by the Ghaziabad police so far brings us to the conclusion that the reasons behind the mysterious death of 10-year-old Armaan Sehgal, a student of the prestigious GD Goenka Public School in Indirapuram, could remain under wraps forever.

The incident took place in the early morning of August 1, last. It has been over 48 hours since, but the police has not been able to lead the investigation anywhere. The only things they have done is conduct a post mortem and a forensics team visit. 

The parents of the deceased were till today late afternoon not allowed to visit the spot from where their son reportedly fell and died. The forensics team visited this spot told to them by the school authorities and not by students present in school at that time, raising serious doubts on the authenticity of the spot. 

Similar was the botched-up and trampled investigation of the Aarushi murder case, in which the police had initially named the domestic help, Hemraj, the prime accused. Later, Hemraj's body was found from the terrace of the flat, leaving the police red-faced.

In Armaan's case, the post-mortem report said he died of injuries on the nose and the head, but there were no signs of bleeding. The exact cause of death is being termed as internal haemorrhage. While the school authorities have been crying hoarse that the boy slipped on the wet floor and died, Armaan’s parents are vehemently denying this and have termed this a murder.

The mother of the child has gone on record saying that her child was not so weak that he could have died from merely slipping on a wet floor, which is in itself hard to believe. If the child fell from another floor and died, the school authorities would definitely have been in the dock for negligence for not sealing an under-construction area.

And it was after a gap of more than 48 hours of the incident that the parents of Armaan, along with others, could enter the school premises. This time period is more than enough to erase any evidence and traces of foul play, if any.

To conclude, drawing parallels between the botched-up Aarushi-Hemraj case and the Armaan Sehgal case — both matters of investigation under the jurisdiction of Uttar Pradesh Police, known well for its unprofessional way of investigation — would certainly not be wrong! 

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