Sushant Lok I is out of power for the past 5 hours!

Photo: Managingghana.com
Posted: Aug 04, 2017

Sushant Lok I has been suffering power woes over the past few days. In a new low this morning, the colony has been without electricity for the past 5 hours now. The power cut has been attributed to a damaged cable at the power house.

Last week, the majority of the sectors faced hours-long power cuts. Residents of Sushant Lok I have, in fact, started calling their colony the orphan among Gurgaon sectors as the authorities have not paid any heed to its problems. 

One of the major problems as a result of the long power cuts is the unavailability of water, as the motors that pump water cannot be operated. "We have lodged numerous complaints about the problem but there has been no action," said Sudhir Sachdeva, the founder of Sachdeva Foundation and a resident of the colony.

The Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (DHBVN) officials have been working to repair the cable and restore power. The power cable is not only the issue that the sector faces. The old wiring and faulty transformers have also added to the power woes.

“We have started changing the transformers and almost three have been changed. It will take time but it should solve the power problem,” said KC Aggarwal, senior engineer, DHVBN.

Residents have pinned their hopes on Municipal Corporation of Gurugram taking over their colony. They believe the move will solve the colony's perennial power problems.

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