School version vs what parents believe

Photo: Illustrations by Jayanto Banerjee
Posted: Aug 04, 2017

Armaan Sehgal stepped out of his classroom and slipped on the floor, falling face down, while walking down the corridor. He was taken to Shanti Gopal Hospital for treatment.

Yes, that's what the school authorities have said.


But the parents refuse to buy this story. They suspect something else had happened to their child, which the school authorities are now trying to hush up. 

The parents believe their child was “murdered”. They are making this grave allegation based on circumstantial evidence and a few inconsistencies they have noticed that dispute the school version. 

Why weren't they given access to the site, parents ask. They managed to break in only after 48 hours, with the help of a minister in the UP cabinet. If the school had nothing to hide, why was access denied to them? In fact, in the FIR, parents have accused the school of tampering with evidence because they refuse to believe that the child wet himself after he fell. The parents say the child was actually drenched in water.


As part of the circumstantial evidence, the parents also cite a leaky water tank on the rooftop (terrace). The building has only two floors, G+2.


There was construction activity going on on the second floor. The school says the passage was sealed. Parents, however, say initially it was open and later sealed by the school. They also showed a puddle of water that had gathered on the ground floor, which was close to a water dispenser. 


The school has said there was no CCTV camera installed on the second-floor corridor. The mother says she had seen a CCTV camera during one of her earlier visits. She says it was deliberately removed. Also, the CCTV camera in the medical room was not functioning. Parents say the connections were deliberately cut. 


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