Armaan’s death: Accident or murder?

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Aug 05, 2017

The police investigation of the mysterious death of Armaan Sehgal, a 10-year-old student of GD Goenka Public School, Indirapuram, seems to be heading nowhere.

Following the incident, school authorities said the kid died after he slipped and fell on the corridor near his second-floor classroom, and wet himself. Armaan's parents, however, have not bought the school's story. They said the child’s clothes were wet as he had slipped on a wet floor.

The school's tight-lipped treatment of the issue has led parents to allege that the school has committed a murder. If the school was not at fault, why the silence, parents have asked. The school's stance has also led parents to demand a murder case to be lodged against it. They have also demanded an immediate arrest of the school management.

In the absence of a forensics report, the city’s police have made no headway in the case. Till now, they do not have sufficient evidence to incriminate the school. The forensics report is expected to be released by late afternoon today.

Five days after Armaan's death, matters have gone downhill. The police have done a shoddy job of placating the parents, and their lax attitude has further complicated matters. 

The police did not investigate the spot where Armaan fell on August 1. The forensics team reached the spot a day later to collect samples. The police investigation has not resulted in any development till now. The police also questioned the school staff but that, too, led nowhere.

HN Singh, SSP, Ghaziabad Police, said they were awaiting the forensics report. The police are currently focused on how Armaan's clothes got wet. The school claims that the child’s clothes got wet due to urine discharge, which can be confirmed by a forensics report. The matter will see some light once the report is published, and the police will initiate action based on this. 

The district administration has ordered a magisterial inquiry into the matter. The responsibility has been assigned to Rajesh Kumar Yadav, ADM Finance and Revenue. The ADM has said people can approach the administration until August 11 if they have any vital details regarding the incident.

However, the fact that Gulshan Sehgal, Armaan’s father, has threatened to take back their case has worsened matters. The police should also investigate and identify the people who threatened the family.

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