Dwarka planted trees to mark 70 years of independence

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Aug 11, 2017

A tree-planting drive was organised today by the Association of Neighbourhood Ladies Get-Together (ANHLGT) in Sector 7. Saplings were planted in a park behind Shiv Bholey Apartments and Dwarka Apartments. This was followed by hoisting of the national flag to mark the upcoming Independence Day celebrations.

People who had participated in the tree-planting drive also sang the national anthem and other patriotic songs, and shared their sentiments about the occasion. Addressing the gathering, president of ANHLGT, Cicily Kudiyan, shared her vision of turning Sector 7 into a model sector with the help of all authorities and resident groups.

The Sector 7 RWA members and residents who were present included Prem Prakash Bahl and Anurag Bahl from Shruti Apartments; PP Wanchuk Wankchu, secretary of Media Apartments; Sadhan Samanta, former general secretary of Crown Apartments; PR Rathi, president of Sri Ganesh Apartments; and Niranjan Singh, a resident of Sri Ganesh Apartments. Residents from other sectors and societies from across the sub-city were also present.

This tree-planting drive also witnessed keen participation from women. Asha Varshney, Neeru Gupta, Shanu Wadhwa, Sunita Pandey, Romila Gandhi, Chitra Jain, Rita Saxena and Vijayalaxmi were among those present.

Anurag Bahl, a member of the RWA from Sector 7, said, “We have planned to spread a concept on the occasion of 70 years of Indian independence. It is about planting 70 trees in each sector, area ward and colony of Delhi. We want this concept to extend to all other cities of India too. When thousands of trees are being cut for the sake of development, it is our duty to do what we can for the environment.”



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