Sewer water floods Rajat Vihar periphery
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Sewer water floods Rajat Vihar periphery

Residents of Rajat Vihar Apartments, Sector 62, Noida, have no option but to wade through sewage. Yuck!

Sewer water floods Rajat Vihar periphery Sewage water in front of the RWA's Gate Number 1

An overflowing drainage line along the periphery of Rajat Vihar Apartments in Sector 62 has caused sewage water to accumulate on the main roads and entry gates of the society. Residents have no choice but to wade through the dirty water on the road.

The problem was caused by a blocked drain beside Khoda traffic signal, near Sector 55 and Sector 57. 


Women and children wade through sewer water outside the society


Residents blame Noida Authority for not acting despite formal complaints.

BS Khati, general secretary of the Rajat Vihar RWA, said that the matter was reported to Noida Authority on March 31. However, there was no action taken. He said that if the officials had acted on time, the situation could have been averted. 

Hardev Singh, a resident of the society, said that if the Authority's health department had cleaned the drainage line regularly, this situation would not have arrived. It has been three days since the water has started to accumulate at society gate. "The RWA was forced to close Gate No 1 to prevent water ingress," he added.


Sewer water on the main road outside the society


The problem is severe. A team of six from the sanitation department, two suction machines and a JCB have been working for more than 20 hours to solve the problem. But there has been no change in the situation. 

Ashish Chaudhary, supervisor of the health department, said that a boulder was probably dumped into the drain, blocking the flow of sewer water. "This blockage cannot be removed by pressure machines. We may have to excavate the main road to remove it," he added.