Essel Tower and the new Platinum Tower: Joined at the gate?
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Essel Tower and the new Platinum Tower: Joined at the gate?

Residents allege that the builder has said both the condominiums will be sharing a common entry and exit with Essel Tower. Ntaurally, residents are livid.

Essel Tower and the new Platinum Tower: Joined at the gate?

As if the issues around tenants and permanent residents of Essel Tower wasn’t enough, the developer has brought another issue the society’s doorstep. Literally.

The developer has started construction on a similar condominium adjacent to the society, called Platinum Tower - but this is to have its entry and exit through the Essel Tower gates. Residents, naturally, are quite irked at this, as this will throw their comfort and convenience into disarray. 

Spread across 34 acres, Essel Tower has nine courts, where approximately 1,150 families live. Since most of them are senior corporate professionals, almost every residential unit of this condominium has about two to three cars. And given the sheer number of cars, sharing entry and exit space with another condominium is bound to translate into traffic chaos. 

“Another tower would mean additional vehicles, which will make the society very congested. You can well imagine the number of cars that our society will have when construction on this new tower is complete,” said Sashi Dharan, a member of the RWA.

To complicate matters, the condominium houses a playschool, which makes the number of cars during the time school starts and ends quite high. 

“The problem doesn't end here, as, in the evenings, this school is used for tuition classes for senior children. In addition, cabs also ply here. The existing traffic situation is already chaotic, and a new tower is only going to add to the misery of commuters,” said Rajeev Sinha, president of the RWA.

Incidentally, the average width of the roads inside Essel Tower is not more than 15 feet, and hence parallel movements of vehicles is a anyway a challenge. 

Speaking to City Spidey, Ankit Goel, director of Essel Housing Projects Pvt Ltd, said, “I do not have any intention of flouting rules. Moreover, the new towers can be accessed from outside.”