Green Park meets Greenman, the Indian superhero
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Green Park meets Greenman, the Indian superhero

Vijaypal Bhagel, aka Greenman, swooped in to urge residents to avoid plastic and educate them on the importance of loving all life on Earth.

Green Park meets Greenman, the Indian superhero Greenman with his words of wisdom

Residents of Green Park, a residential area near Crossings Republik, Ghaziabad, met the environmental activist Vijaypal Baghel today. Utthan Samiti, an NGO working for social and environmental development, organised the meeting to promote green awareness.

Also known as "Greenman", Bhagel is famous for his efforts to protect the environment and for raising awareness about the ecosystem. Baghel talks to people at the grass-roots level and advocates use of cloth and jute bags in his campaign for the "Jhola Movement".

Baghel spoke to residents about the impact of polythene bags and plastic on the environment, describing how non-degradable polythene harms the ecosystem. Bhagel explained how animals die from intestinal congestion when they ingest the polythene bags dumped in the neighbourhood. The activist urged residents to avoid using polythene and plastic in any form. He also requested them to dispose of dry and wet waste separately.

Satendra Singh, chairman of Utthan Samiti, also encouraged residents to protect nature, saying that a clean and green environment could only be achieved through mass participation.

Baghel advocated the planting of trees and urged residents to love all forms of life. "We should join hands and to try to sustain and revive nature, not act against it," he said.