Dwarka: Residents of Sector 6 want authorities to restore their park
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Dwarka: Residents of Sector 6 want authorities to restore their park

While the lights and benches are missing, the rain shelters are in a deplorable state. 

Dwarka: Residents of Sector 6 want authorities to restore their park A view of the park with overgrown grass and damaged rain shelter

Residents of various societies in Dwarka’s Sector 6 are ruing the deplorable condition of a community park. Located behind the societies like Great India Apartments, Surya Apartments, Vasundhara Apartments and Akash Ganga Apartments, this park has been neglected by the civic authorities for a long time.

While the rain shelter of the park is damaged, the grass are overgrown. Even the walking tracks are uneven and benches are missing. Lighting, too, is inadequate.

Residents say that the authority is not concerned about the maintenance. SN Vashisht, president of Akash Ganga Apartments, said, “On either side of the park the boundary walls are missing and so animals can easily stray in. So the first step for the authorities should be to construct the boundary walls. Besides this, the park needs to be cleaned and saplings should be planted to increase the green cover. We use this park, but feel very sad about its condition.”

This is a common park for many residential societies of Sector 6. Moreover, a group of social activists from Dwarka called ‘Stand n Stride’ use the space to impart education to underprivileged children.

Earlier, these activist teachers had found great utility in the rain shelter. However, now they are unable to use it because the roof is damaged. Rajni Joshi, a resident of Vasundhara Apartments, who is a part of the teaching initiative, said, “We cannot use the rain shelter during rains. Also, there are no lights and benches, which makes this park unfit for senior citizens who cannot manage to stand for long stretches of time. The authorities should address these concerns.”

According to the people of the area, poor lighting of the park has made it a hub for open drinking. Kamaljeet Sehrawat, mayor of SDMC, and councillor of the ward, assured City Spidey that she would take the subject into consideration and proper initiatives would be taken for maintenance of the park.