MCG takeover of water supply adds to water crisis in Sushant Lok I


MCG takeover of water supply adds to water crisis in Sushant Lok I

Dashing all the hopes of Sushant Lok I residents, takeover of water supply by MCG has only deteriorated water supply, as only 9 of its 31 tubewells are operational. 

MCG takeover of water supply adds to water crisis in Sushant Lok I

For Sushant Lok I residents, deterioration in water supply has taken a turn for worse after the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) took over this colony's water supply.

For the past several weeks the residents were facing acute shortage in water supply and were forced to purchase water from private suppliers, paying up to Rs 1,000 per tanker. But now, even after the takeover by the MCG, some sections of the Sushant Lok I continue to have no water, and in many other regions there is scanty supply.

“We had been registering our concerns and complaints with the MCG in the hope that things would improve. Because of the shortage, tankers that used to charge Rs 1,000 are now charging Rs 1,500,” said Rajiv Bhatia, a resident.

For the past five days, there has been no proper water supply. “I have been complaining every day and was assured that the problem would be rectified in three days, but nothing has happened so far,” Bhatia lamented.

"Finally, they shared the number of the JE (junior engineer). We registered our complaint with him. But but still, no action was taken on the issue,” he said, adding all hopes of improvement were dashed.

“The situation now is worse after the takeover. Earlier, I used to get water for 15 minutes once or twice a week, now I don't even get that. We have to take private tankers at Rs 1,200 every 3-4 days,” said Pritpal Singh, another resident.

Kuldeep Kumar, JE, MCG, told City Spidey, “There are 31 tubewells, out of which only 8-9 are operational. For another 10, the DHVBN has switched off power because of dues. We have taken approval, and they will be on by next week. If the problems persist, the MCG will provide tankers till the issue is resolved.”