10 issues Noida wants Modi to sort out

Posted: Jan 02, 2016

During Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Noida on December 31, 2015, Federation of Noida Residents Welfare Association (FONRWA) put forth several issues before him that requires his attention. Check these out.

1. Legal recognition for RWAs: The Resident Welfare Association of Noida wants the same set of power, legal authority and financial muscle that village Panchayats enjoy. Most RWAs often enjoy a member strength of 5,000 residents and above - this is a sizeable number to justify a government backed RWA election. This will allow RWAs to implement new and corrective measures to improve standards of living.

2. Convert our land, our property from leasehold to free hold: So far all properties in Noida, residential and commercial, are on leasehold basis. This means, the ownership of your land is with Noida Authority - you are not really the owner! It has been a longstanding demand of Noida residents to convert their land/property into freehold. Though the power for such conversion lies with the UP government, Noida residents want PM's intervention on this.

3. We need a smart city: Of course, Noida has a lot going for it in terms of infrastructure, but to be really called a world-class and smart city, it needs a lot more amenities and facilities. And that includes intelligent traffic management, garbage disposal, eco-friendly transport, and so on.

4. We need an airport: Interestingly, Noida is yet to have its own airport and air passengers have to travel all the way to T2 and T3 in Delhi to fly anywhere. There has been talks about an eco-friendly airport at Jewar in Greater Noida, and there had been meetings, but it is yet to be sanctioned. The UP sate govt. has written to ministry of aviation for this, and FONRWA requests the PM to speed the process up.

5. Provide rail connectivity to Noida: So far Noida residents have to go all the way to Dadri or to Anand Vihar rail terminal to catch a train. Come on, in this day and age of super-fast connectivity, why waste your time doing that! If rail connectivity is provided with a proper railway station in the heart of Noida, long-distance travel would be so much easier for Noida residents.

6. Get us a modern hospital like AIIMs: Yes, there is the multi-speciality Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar Hospital in Sector 30, but with the lack of proper infrastructure, high tech facilities, equipment and even doctors, this one hasn't really lived upto the expectations of Noida residents. A new hospital cum research institute in the lines of AIIMS in New Delhi, will benefit residents a lot.  

7. Give us world-class educational institutions: Imagine an institute like IIT Noida! Or an university that's recognised worldwide! How about a medical college? If these are set up, students of Noida do not have to travel far to avail quality education. No need to spend dollars and pounds on overseas education!

8. We need an inter-state bus depot: Noida, despite being an important hub of transport and industry, still doesn't have a inter-state bus depot. A new ISBT complete with all facilities like drinking water, AC passenger lounge, and all round connectivity to other districts and states will be very convenient for Noida residents.

9. Provide central grant for the development of industries in Noida: For the development of industry units in the city, a provision should be made to grant financial assistance to industrialists. That will put industrialists and entrepreneurs in a better position to establish and run the units successfully.

10. Develop an industry security centre: In the last few years there has been several incidents of kidnappings, extortions and even murder of company CEOs, management personal as well as factory workers by various criminal gang. A specialised security force dedicated towards protecting and safeguarding factory workers and owners assumes prime importance.


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