Noida: Homebuyers continue hunger strike
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Noida: Homebuyers continue hunger strike

A three-hour-long meeting called by the Noida City Magistrate failed to arrive at a final solution.    

Noida: Homebuyers continue hunger strike

Buyers of Amrapali’s residential projects in Noida and Greater Noida, who have been on an indefinite hunger strike, had high hopes from a meeting that was called by the Noida City Magistrate on Monday to put forward their demands in front of the developer.

However, the three hour long meeting, in which the management of Amrapali faced the agitated buyers for the first time, proved to be a disappointment. Anil Sharma, CMD-Amrapali, merely assured the buyers that he will submit a complete road-map of all ongoing projects within the next two days.

Mahender Kumar Singh, Noida City Magistrate had also invited officials from Noida Authority, Arun Kumar Singh, Superintendent of Police (SP) of Noida and Rakesh Sharma, BJP district president to mediate on the issues faced by the home buyers.

After the meeting Mahender Kumar Singh informed City Spidey, “The purpose of this meeting was to bring both the parties face to face and reach a final conclusion.

Amrapali CMD, Anil Sharma has requested a time frame of two to three days to submit a final report of all his projects in Noida and Greater Noida.”

Meanwhile, the representatives of home buyers handed over a list of grievances to the city magistrate and demanded immediate solutions. The home buyers allege that they had been promised delivery of their flats within three to four years (when they had booked in the period from 2010 to 2013).

However, even today the flats are in a semi-construction stage with almost no construction activity happening in the last three years.

“We shall continue our hunger strike until we get our flats. We have received many such false assurances in the past. This time we shall fight till our last breath. After all it is a question of our hard earned money,” said a home buyer.

Home buyers have also raised questions on the lackadaisical approach of government authorities. They want to know how the Greater Noida Authorities have allotted the lands to Amrapali despite the fact that the previous dues are pending.

They also want to know how the banks have approved a plan or property without checking the balance sheet of the builder. “Why does the local administration not lodge FIRs despite knowing the fact that the builder has cheated home buyers?” agitated buyers chorused in the course of the meeting.