Two armed men enter True Friends Apartments; police nabs one
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Two armed men enter True Friends Apartments; police nabs one

The other scaled the boundary of the adjacent society and managed to flee.

Two armed men enter True Friends Apartments; police nabs one CCTV footage of one of the men

In a shocking incident, two armed men entered True Friends Apartments, a society in Sector 6, Dwarka, this evening. While the police nabbed one of the men, the other managed to escape.

According to the residents and the onlookers, the incident happened between 4.30 pm and 5 pm. Witnesses said two men entered the society armed with revolvers at about 4.30 pm. The society's guards said they were followed close on their heels by traffic policemen. Soon, a number of police personnel were deployed in the area to capture the infiltrators.



According to sources, the men had looted a Maruti Swift on gun point in Gurgaon recently. They had also stolen the car. Today, they were driving around in the stolen car in the Chhawla area, carrying arms, when they happened to pass by the car's owners. They recognised their car and the people and started chasing them on their scooty. When the car stopped at the signal in Sector 6, the car's owners informed the Traffic ASI on duty Chhagan Lal and constable Ajay Kumar.


Crowd gathers outside True Friends Apartments 


As soon as the traffic personnel rushed to the car, the criminals came out of the car and pointed their revolvers at the police. Despite that, the traffic policemen refused to back down and started chasing the men, who entered True Friends Apartments after threatening the guards. Soon, the local police was informed, who wasted no time in reaching the location and cordoning off the area. 

According to the residents, one of them was caught at about 6.30 pm, while the other managed to scale the boundary wall of the adjacent society, Kamakshi Apartments, and flee.

A resident of Kamakshi Apartments who witnessed the whole scene said, “All of a sudden we saw a number of policemen inside our society. They advised us to stay indoors and keep our doors shut. I was standing in the balcony of my flat, which is on the sixth floor, and watched what what going on. All of a sudden, I saw a man run towards our boundary wall. He was being chased by our society guards but he managed to escape. Later, we got to know that the person who escaped was one of the two armed men from who had entered True Friends Apartments.”

According to witnesses, the operation went on for for than an hour.


CCTV footage (Kamakshi Apartments) of the other armed man that managed to flee


“I was scared out of my wits today," said a resident of True Friends Apartments who shut her main door as soon as she realised what was going on. "At about 6.30 pm, we got to know that the police had caught one of them. The police did a great job and we appreciate their effort."

According to people, there were about 200 police personnel involved in the operation. A passerby from the area took some photographs and shared them on different WhatsApp groups and alerted the neighbouring societies. 

The sight of so many policemen in the area caused many to suspect terrorist activity. Soon, it became a rumour and spread like wildfire, causing panic among the people living in the area. However, the arrest of one of the armed men caused the rumour to end.


Police taking away the arrested man