It was a rainy day indeed for commuters in Gurgaon
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It was a rainy day indeed for commuters in Gurgaon

Though of average density, Wednesday’s showers created havoc on the streets of Gurgaon.

It was a rainy day indeed for commuters in Gurgaon A bike submerged in water

Within two hours of rainfall, several parts of Gurgaon had become waterlogged today. This was despite the fact that the rains were only of average density. Had the duration of rains been any longer, the situation of water logging could have turned more serious.



While the temperature came down from 34.7 degree Celsius to 29 degree Celsius, the cloudy skies portended more rainfall towards the evening. Overall the city had received about 32.6mm of rains. Meanwhile an IMD official has confirmed the possibility of more rains in North India.

The areas where major water logging was reported included the stretch near Medanta, Sector 31, Sector 40 and the area near Signature Towers. The water logged streets slowed down traffic. While school buses were caught in unending jams, bikers collided into invisible potholes.

“I was going home after picking my son from his school in Sector 31. The road from Sector 31 to Sector 40 was clogged with water. I was on my scooty and did not see the potholes. So I along with my son tumbled at the crossing before the Sector 40 market,” said Anita Sharma, a resident of sector 40.

The waterlogged roads near Medicity made it difficult for people to move. Some cars had broken down while others were struggling to cross the stretch. The travelling time between places had almost doubled.

“A 500-meter stretch took me almost 40 minutes. Unfortunately our city has no drainage solutions that can address the problem of rain water,” said Priyanka Kapoor, a resident of Sector 38.