Anguished Amrapali buyers seek intervention from CM's committee
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Anguished Amrapali buyers seek intervention from CM's committee

Disillusioned buyers to approach a high-level committee of ministers formed by UP CM Yogi Adityanath.

Anguished Amrapali buyers seek intervention from CM's committee

Disillusioned with the indifferent approach of the Amrapali management, homebuyers, who have been on an indefinite hunger strike outside the corporate office of the reality major for nearly a fortnight, have now decided to approach a high-level committee of ministers formed by UP CM Yogi Adityanath. 

Today, a delegation of home buyers met with Pankaj Singh, a local MLA, at his office in Sector 20 to request for a meeting with the CM's committee. The delegation apprised Singh with the issues the homebuyers have been facing.

They categorically complained about the fact that Amrapali CMD has not given them a positive response despite the fact that the hunger strike has been going on for the last 13 days.  

The delegation also handed over a letter to Singh that explains all the details of the issues on the basis of which home buyers have been protesting in front of the Amrapali corporate office.

The letter also solicits the MLA’s intervention in terms of finding solutions. Speaking to City Spidey, KK Kaushal, a buyer, said that they have been reaching out to everybody in positions of power and authority, requesting for support in terms of mediation.  However, no help has come so far.

Kaushal added,We have also urged the MLA to fix a meeting with Urban Development Minister Suresh Kumar Khanna. Also, we are very hopeful about the three-member, high-level committee that has been formed by the Yogi Adityanath-led BJP government to understand the actual causes behind the Amrapali fiasco. We are hoping that this committee will offer some positive solutions soon.” 

Headed by the urban development minister, this committee includes Industrial Development Minister Satish Mahana and Suresh Rana, minister of state (independent), sugarcane, sugar mills and industrial development. MLA Singh promised the home buyers that he would facilitate a meeting with these three ministers on August 30. The meeting would be held at the Sector 20 office in Noida.