UP Police to tighten traffic rules
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UP Police to tighten traffic rules

UP police has started sending letters to housing societies directing them to sensitise residents to traffic violations and urging them to adopt stringent measures.

UP Police to tighten traffic rules

Driving in wrong lanes without helmets or seat belts, though dangerous, is a common scene on roads and narrow lanes in Noida. But commuters may now have to change these habits, as the UP police has decided to enforce the norms more strictly.

It has come up with a different plan of action to bring down the number of mishaps and deaths on the road. For its implementation, it has started sending letters to housing societies, directing them to sensitise residents against violations of traffic rules. It has ordered them to put up a signboard prescribing important driving rules at the entry or exit gates of societies.

Through the letter, Anil Jha, SP Traffic, Noida, said that societies were being directed to ban the entry of riders without helmets or cars whose passengers are without seat belts. To stop under-age driving, societies should not allow those below the age limit to exit with bikes and cars if they are in an inebriated state. 

City cops have also sought access to footage of CCTV cameras installed in societies to initiate legal action against offenders. They added that societies are places from where residents begin their commute — if they follow the rules, the number of accidents will automatically come down.

The CCTV footage will be examined frequently, and legal action will be taken against those found flouting traffic rules.

The letter reads that of the 960 accidents reported in 2016, 422 commuters lost their lives on roads. Most of them were young people, who didn’t care for safe driving. The rate of deaths in road accidents is, therefore, high in the district.