Dwarka: What was the MCD thinking when constructing this dhalao near a school?
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Dwarka: What was the MCD thinking when constructing this dhalao near a school?

Since its present location impinges on the safety and hygiene of a school and a residential society in Sector 6, residents are pressurising the authorities to shift it elsewhere.

Dwarka: What was the MCD thinking when constructing this dhalao near a school? The dhalao being constructed near the school building

Residents and managements of several residential societies in Dwarka's Sector 6, have united to protest against the construction of a dhalao (garbage pit). The reason is simple - this dhalao is in close proximity of a government school and Surya Apartments, a residential complex in the sector.

People are writing letters to South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) and organising demonstrations at the site. Recently a protest was organised, wherein banners and posters reiterated the urgency of shifting the site of construction.  

In the words of Amod Poddar, a resident of Surya Apartments, “We shall be the worst sufferers if this dhalao is constructed. The residents of Surya Apartments have collectively handed over a letter requesting the authorities to stop construction activities. Since the neighbouring government school is also affected, we have met its principal, Rita Mishra, and requested her to make a formal complaint to the concerned authorities. She has assured us of her support.”


A banner at the entrance of Surya Apartments


Residents are saying that the dhalao will be a nuisance, as it will give off a stench and lead to the breeding of flies and mosquitoes.

The president of Diamond Square Apartments, Satish Mishra, said, “The location of this dhalao is detrimental to the health and hygiene of the schoolchildren and the residents. SDMC should have considered all the repercussions before starting construction. Moreover, when heavy trucks frequent the site for lifting and dumping garbage, there will be the danger of accidents. We want SDMC to shift it to another place far from all residential areas.”

The construction is on in full swing and the ground has been dug up. The entire area now sports posters and banners outlining the concerns and demands of the protesters. A passionate environment activist of the sub-city and a resident of Youngster Apartments in Sector 6 (located within 100 m of the dhalao), SK Malik, told City Spidey, “At present dhalaos are required for all the sectors of Dwarka. However, the location of this particular dhalao is highly objectionable. After all, it is close to a school with a strength of 3,000 or more students. Also, the building adjacent to it is meant to house BSES transformers. This might result in a fire hazard.”  

Malik further says, “In the long run, SDMC should educate and train society on garbage composting techniques. If this is achieved, dhalaos will be a thing of the past. And subsequently issues of bad odour and hygiene will be permanently solved.”

Speaking on the subject, Madhuri Varshney, Coordinator, school managing committee, Matiala Assembly, rues, “All the dhalaos in Dwarka are generally made along the drains for the convenience of people. Then why is this dhalao in front of a school? Who has proposed this site and on what parameters has it been chosen? I think MCD should reconsider the subject and focus more on solutions for promoting cleanliness at the ground level. If the right strategy is implemented, no dhalaos shall be needed.”

Kamaljeet Sehrawat, mayor of SDMC and councillor of the ward, responds by saying, “I am open to talking and discussing the issue. Residents can meet me and suggest an alternative location. We would shift the dhalao as per their suggestions.”