What's Clause 5? Why do Amrapali Zodiac residents want it imposed?


What's Clause 5? Why do Amrapali Zodiac residents want it imposed?

Clause 5 states that in case a developer is unable to provide satisfactory maintenance to a particular society, the authority that had allotted the land to the developer will take over the society's maintenance. 

What's Clause 5? Why do Amrapali Zodiac residents want it imposed?

A delegation of residents from Amrapali Zodiac, a residential society in Sector 120, Noida, on Wednesday met a committee of ministers at Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority's board room and demanded the implementation of clause 5 of the lease agreement between the builder and the land-owning agency. Residents said they were not satisfied with the maintenance provided by the builder.   

The clause, which is mentioned on page 14 of the lease agreement, states that in case a developer is unable to provide satisfactory maintenance service to residents of a particular society, the development authority that had allotted the land to the developer will take over the society's maintenance. 

In a letter, residents complained that the common facilities of the society were not being maintained by the builder and that had been a major inconvenience to them. Residents said they had tried to solve the problem but the builder had failed to show any improvement. 

An ex-army officer, Colonel RP Khanna, who had booked a flat in the society and still awaiting possession, said they had apprised the ministers’ committee that Noida Authority, the land owner, should take over the society's maintenance immediately.  

Jogindra Singh, another flat buyer and resident of the society, said, “Most of our problems will be solved if the Authority takes over the society's maintenance as per Clause 5. We have consistently been complaining about the society's poor upkeep. But the builder has not paid any heed to them. Today, we had opportunity to convey our grievance to the ministers. We requested them to pass on our message to UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and explaining him that enforcement of Clause 5 is a must for solving our problems,” he added.