Dengue cases in Gurgaon up to 28
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Dengue cases in Gurgaon up to 28

Doctors advise residents to take precautions against dengue by taking preventive measures and ensuring dengue-carrying mosquitoes do not breed. 

Dengue cases in Gurgaon up to 28

Gurgaon is in the grip of dengue menace, with the number of cases up from 21 last week to 28 on Saturday. Doctors fear the number can rise further, even though all the hospitals were put on high alert.

The doctors have advised people to take necessary precautions and take preventive measures.

“Out of 100, 60 patients come with complaints of cold and cough. Since dengue usually strikes in this weather, people need to be more careful about taking precautions,” said Dr BK Rajora, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at Civil Hospital, Gurgaon.

To curb the spread of vector-borne diseases, the health department has designated 30 teams to help in the prevention of breeding of mosquitoes.

Large-scale breeding of mosquitoes during the rainy season is the prime reason for the outbreak of dengue. Pools of water in potholes and other open spaces are the breeding spots for dengue-spreading mosquitoes.

“There are so many sectors where fumigation is required frequently. The sectors where there are lots of trees are more prone to attracting mosquitoes,” said Malavika Tiwari, a resident of Sector 14.

With bacterial infections and vector-borne diseases like malaria on the rise as well, the best cure is to maintain hygiene and cleanliness and ensure that surroundings are conducive to protection against such diseases.