I'puram: Good Samaritans help out resident fallen on bad times
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I'puram: Good Samaritans help out resident fallen on bad times

Kind words, compassion, money and material flow in from FedAOA to help Vinay Jha, a resident of Nyay Khand, who mounted huge debts due to the costly treatment of his son.

I'puram: Good Samaritans help out resident fallen on bad times

Among the residents of different societies in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, are several good Samaritans who came to the aid of a fellow resident fallen on bad days, due to ailments and loss in business. Largely thanks to the Federation of Apartment Owners Association (FedAOA), Vinay Jha, 49, has begun leading a semblance of a decent life after he lost everything – including a small shop he was running.

Jha had lost everything he had, as he spent it to cure a respiratory ailment of his son two year ago. He was forced to take several loans and after banks refused him more, he took money from a money lender. Jha had to mortgage his Janta flat to take a loan from the money lender.

A fair price shop he was running was sealed two years ago as he could not repay a bank loan.


Vinay Jha, who was helped out by FedAOA in his worst crisis


A father of three, Jha's eldest son is a B Tech student at IIT Guwahati, his daughter passed her 12th standard this year, and his youngest son is still in school.

"Every day adds to my despair, as my debt keeps increasing and I am unable repay a single penny. I am unable to pay for my children's education and provide food for the family. Due to my personal ailments, I am also unable to work or join a full-time job. At this point, I approached the FedAOA for some help on the recommendation of a friend," said Vinay Jha.

"Every single day, people come and threaten to force me out of my home and sell it off to recover their money. It is not their fault either. The huge expense of about Rs 12 lakh, which I paid from own pocket, and the debt has taken everything from me," Jha added.

At present, Jha has got a job as the housekeeping supervisor at Arihant Harmony, a society close by, thanks to a strong recommendation from the FedAOA. The association also collected some money from residents and gave a token donation to help Jha in the time of crisis.

Alok Kumar, president of FedAOA, told City Spidey that efforts were being made to settle the tiff with the money lender with police support and help from the local municipal councillor.

“We are in discussions with all the societies about making small donations to help out Vinay Jha. People shower money the moment someone decides to build temples, mosques or other religious places, but getting small donations for someone in need is very difficult. We are trying our best to help him out," Kumar added.