How many monsoons will it take to fix Dwarka’s waterlogging problem?
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How many monsoons will it take to fix Dwarka’s waterlogging problem?

It is the end of the rainy season and the waterlogged stretches of Dwarka are in exactly the same condition that they were in at the time of the first showers. So what have the civic agencies been doing?    

How many monsoons will it take to fix Dwarka’s waterlogging problem? Rickshaws wade through water logged streets

Dwarkaites did not just wake up to a rain washed morning today. They have also woken up to the apathy and callousness of the civic agencies in terms of rectifying the water logging situation of the sub city. Ironically after yesterday's  rain, water has logged in exactly the same spots where it had logged at the onset of monsoons, nearly two and half months ago.

These stretches are near Sector 12 Metro Station, around Ashirwad Chowk (on the side of the Sector 12 market) and near Om Apartments and Peepal Apartments. Also Sector 17, Sector 8 and the main roads of Sector 7 have been perennially submerged in rain water, throughout this season.

Residents have told City Spidey that the state of water logging and poor sanitation has reiterated the ill preparedness of civic agencies.

“It is indeed surprising that even after three months of rains, nothing has changed. The Municipal Corporation and the DDA have claimed that the outlet of drains has been cleaned but this does not reflect in the existing situation. Water logging along the metro corridor is immense. The storm water drains appear choked on either side of the corridor,” said Nirmala Das, a resident of Sector 12.

The entire stretch connecting Ashirwad Chowk from Sector 12 Metro Station is water logged. A resident of Sector 4, SK Singh said, “Yesterday afternoon after the rains, I was approaching Ashirwad Chowk from Sector 12. The level of water was so high that the water started entering my car. Because of this there was a heavy traffic jam too. This was the same situation that we faced at the beginning of the rains. All I can say is that the authorities have failed us.”