Gurgaon: Sector 28 slackens on fumigation
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Gurgaon: Sector 28 slackens on fumigation

With the lack of continuity in fumigation and pruning, the possibility of vector borne diseases looms large.


Gurgaon: Sector 28 slackens on fumigation

This monsoon, Gurgaon has been affected by cases of vector borne diseases. Out of 23 patients with fever, 11 have been detected with malaria. Under construction sites and rains have together compounded the chances of mosquito breeding.

Consequently, residential areas have started fortifying their precautionary measures.  

The residents of Sector 28 for instance, are a very concerned lot. According to them, at the onset of monsoons the authorities had planned to fumigate each sector and condominium of Gurgaon.

However, this has not been a regular feature. Allegedly, Sector 28 has hardly seen any fumigation and grass pruning in the last two months.

“One-of pruning is not a solution. There are anyway overgrown bushes in our area and the growth multiplies in this season. If not regularly pruned, mosquitoes can easily start breeding,” said Harsh Jaidka.

The RWA and residents of this sector say that despite reminders, authorities have ignored the necessity of regular pruning and fumigation. “The cases of malaria are on an alarming rise,” a resident informs.

Speaking to City Spidey, Asruddin, CMO, MCG said,“We are fogging only the areas in which we suspect the presence of dengue and malaria virus. Further, we undertake fogging when vector borne diseases are reported from a particular area.” 

When City Spidey contacted a HUDA official to get a comment on this reckless approach, he chose to be unreachable.