How ATS Green Village in Noida is ‘fridging’ the gap
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How ATS Green Village in Noida is ‘fridging’ the gap

The initiative, creatively named, aims to encourage zero-wastage of food. A community fridge set up outside the gates stores surplus food contributed by residents to be given out to the needy.    

How ATS Green Village in Noida is ‘fridging’ the gap

How can a fridge bridge the gap between those who have enough and those who don't? You’ll find the answer with residents of ATS Green Village, an upscale residential complex in Noida in Sector 93A.

It’s a simple idea — tried and tested. Just store the extra food cooked at home in a community fridge to be given out later to those don’t have access to food.

The residents have creatively named the initiative Fridging the Gap.



A fridge has been set up just outside the exit gate of the society where residents can donate their surplus food. There are some simple dos and don’ts to be followed. The food must be in good condition and cooked fresh. It is to be wrapped up hygienically, and the preparation and the date of contribution are to be mentioned on the wrap.

Nikhat Tyagi, who is volunteering with the initiative, said, “This is our way of helping the needy. The idea is not original, and similar initiatives are being run in several places, and in other cities.  We contacted a few similar groups and held a meeting with them. They explained all the things that need to be in place, and we decided to go ahead. Many residents were eager to extend financial support, but we decided to crowdfund the fridge.”

A group of 50 volunteers are looking at various aspects of the initiative. They monitor the distribution and the storage. Food donations are being accepted only from residents at this point — and there are about 700 residents. But if the project takes off successfully, the whole idea can be extended beyond the boundaries of the society, confirmed Tyagi.    

And residents have embraced the initiative.   



In fact, some are cooking extra food just to make donations.

Anita Puri, a resident, who gave out four packets of food, said, “This is a great initiative. I like helping people. So, I cooked a little extra to contribute my bit.”