Bus, stop!
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Bus, stop!

Heavy vehicles plying through Sector 27, Noida, have become a nuisance for residents.

Bus, stop!

Residents of Sector 27, Noida, are worried about heavy vehicles plying through the residential area. DTC, UPSRTC and private buses pass by the houses in D and E blocks of the sector. These heavy vehicles cause noise and air pollution, which has made living uncomfortable for residents.

The heavy vehicles were allowed a diversion towards Indira Market in Sector 27 in 2006 to ease congestion caused due to ongoing Noida Metro construction at the time. The work was to be completed by 2009. However, heavy-vehicle movement still continues along this route, even after the construction works are long over. The vehicles are supposed to go from Rajnigandha chowk to Barola via Atta Peer Chowk, but they take a left from the Atta peer chowk and move towards Indira market in Sector 27 to reach Barola.

Rajeev Garg, general secretary of Sector 27 RWA, told City Spidey that most of the residents affected are aged ones. They have been complaining to the RWA about noise and air pollution. "Most of the bus drivers jump traffic signals and there is always possibility of road accidents," he added.

Santosh Singh, a resident of Sector 27, said that they are upset about loud horns and dust and smoke these heavy vehicles leave behind.

Sanjay Kumar Yadav, SP Traffic Noida, told City Spidey that plans are on to instal a height barrier on the Atta Peer Chowk to stop the movement of heavy vehicles from this area. However, SP Traffic did not specify a deadline for the work to be done.