BREAKING NEWS: Was the accused sexually abusing Pradduman Thakur?

Posted: Sep 08, 2017

Gurgaon police arrested a bus conductor named Ashok Kumar of Ryan Public School in connection with the murder of a Class II student of the school today. According to police sources, the bus conductor trapped the child inside the bathroom and started sexually abusing him. The boy yelled for help, which scared Ashok. Fearing that he would get caught and others would know of his misdeed, Ashok slit the child’s throat and then came out of the bathroom. The investigation conducted till now points towards Ashok as the culprit.

The police is also checking the background of the bus conductor. Ashok is a resident of Gamdoj, a village near Gurgaon, and has been working as a schoolbus conductor for quite sometime now. The police is now trying to glean information on Ashok’s behaviour and checking his criminal track record.

Parents and relatives of the deceased child conducted a candle march from Maruti Kunj till Shanti Kunj in the evening, demanding justice for the dead boy. Varun Kumar, the child’s father, demanded strict action against the school, along with the main accused in the case. He maintained that the school was equally responsible for the death.


Ashok Kumar, the accused

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