How safe are children in schools? DC has ordered for an investigation committee

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Posted: Sep 09, 2017

The gruesome incident of the murder of an eight year old child in Gurgaon’s Ryan International School on Friday morning, has numbed the authorities and sent shock waves across the nation. People from various walks of society who are condemning the incident are also saying that security lapses in schools have been happening far too frequently.

Taking cognizance of this issue, the DC (deputy commissioner) of Gurgaon has ordered for a committee to be set up, which will inspect the various safety and security parameters in schools and ensure that they follow the rules and regulations specified by the government. 

At the outset, the committee shall examine the incident that took place at Ryan International School and accordingly take action against violations of security. The DC’s action of suspending the security staff of Ryan International School, Bhondsi has been well received by people.  

The committee shall check whether the schools of the city have taken adequate steps to ensure the safety of children. 

In a bid to support the couple who lost their son to this very unfortunate incident, the parents of other Ryan International School branches have come together to form a group. Parents of children studying in other schools, too have joined in. 

"If a knife can enter a school, so can a gun.  I had admitted my child to Ryan International School, Sector 40 just two months back. However, now I shall withdraw my child at the earliest from this irresponsible institution" said Puneet Gauba, a parent.

Puneet Gauba does some straight talking 

The huge group of parents who have come together, envisage to highlight all their concerns to the administration. They have decided to initiate a signature campaign.  

“The death of the innocent child has shaken us. I am now scared to send my child to school. The school should take the complete onus of a child’s wellbeing and security once he/she enters the gate. We will not pay the next semester fees till we are assured about our child's safety,” said Amit Sharma, another parent.  

Amit Sharma a parent speaks about his concerns 


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