This is how the eight year old at Ryan International School died

Photo: Pinterest.com
Posted: Sep 10, 2017

The CCTV footage, which reveals the sequence of events connected to the Ryan International School murder, clearly affirms that Ashok Kumar, the conductor of the school bus had committed the gruesome offence.   

On Friday morning, as per the CCTV footage, Ashok Kumar had headed in the direction of the toilet. There were three other eye witnesses who saw the bus conductor. Even the gardener of the school recollected seeing him. 

In the meantime, like every other day, the victim’s elder sister had dropped him to his class and thereafter the child had proceeded to the washroom.  

Seeing the child enter the washroom premises, Kumar pulled him inside the toilet and attempted a sexual assault.  When the boy resisted and tried to shout for help, Kumar took out a knife and stabbed him. 

After slitting the child’s throat, the accused probably left the toilet. Since the CCTV cameras placed right outside the toilet were not functioning, this could not be seen.

Meanwhile, hearing the cries of the boy, the school coordinator Anju Dudeja along with the gardener ran into the washroom area. They found the child bleeding profusely and trying to come out of the toilet.

The parents were then called up by the school authorities while he was rushed to a nearby hospital.

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