NCR resident body demands a full stop to dumping garbage at landfill sites

Photo: Sydneyrubbishservices.com.au
Posted: Sep 10, 2017

The confederation of NCR residents’ welfare associations on Saturday demanded that the Centre and the three state governments of Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh stop dumping of solid waste at landfill sites in the NCR. These dumping sites are the source of pollution and pose a danger of spreading diseases. The executive committee of the NCR resident body passed a resolution demanding a halt to waste dumping at open sites in the NCR at a meeting held at NSCI Club in Delhi on Saturday.

PS Jain, president of the body, said that dumping garbage at landfill sites increased pollution as well as poisonous gases in the region.

“According to a study, mountains of garbage release methane, causing air pollution. It is also dangerous, as people set fires to garbage dumps, causing more pollution,” Jain said.

The confederation will also be writing to all the concerned governments to stop dumping garbage at land fill sites in the region. “The resident body suggested technology-driven solid waste management plants for disposing waste. This will help the government reduce pollution levels in the cities bordering the NCR as well,” he said.

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