Regularisation certificate at last for Dwarka's IDC CGHS
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Regularisation certificate at last for Dwarka's IDC CGHS

This Sector 11 society becomes the first to get the certificate among those who went for self-draw in 2010-11.

Regularisation certificate at last for Dwarka's IDC CGHS File photograph of self-draws of societies in Dwarka

IDC Cooperative Group Housing Society in Sector 11, Dwarka, has become the first society to get a regularisation certificate from among those that went for the self-draw process during 2010-11. Ashok Kumar, president of the society and the president of Association of Suffering Members of CGHS, Delhi, said, “Our society is the first one to get the certificate of regularisation. This happened six years after a court order in 2009.”

According to Kumar, the whole process to get the society cleared of legalities took more than a decade. “In 2005, more than 60 societies were ready for occupation. The members had paid full amount to the society for the land and the construction. But unfortunately, the High Court ordered a CBI probe in 2006 on 100 societies, including these 60. From October 3, 2010 to March 31, 2011, we went for the self-draw in which 28 societies participated. These draws were supported by veteran CPI leader the late AB Bardhan, and other representatives of different parties,” he said.

Speaking about the difficulties faced since the self-draw, Kumar said, “Due to legal hurdles, two societies withdrew their support to the self-draw process. But the remaining 26 kept their stand firm on the self-draw. Finally in May 2015 regularisation was ordered by the court while DDA and RCS were directed carry it out.”

The people who went for the self-draw moved to their apartments during 2010-2011. Now after the regularisation of IDC CGHS, there are still 25 societies in queue to get the certificate. “The process is underway for those 25 societies. We are lucky that 105 families at IDC CGHS now have the certificate of regularisation,” added Kumar.