Ryan International School is no stranger to issues of gross negligence

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Posted: Sep 10, 2017

The shocking incident of the gruesome murder of an 8-year-old boy in the high-profile Ryan International School at Bhondsi on Friday morning has left parents of children studying in the school in complete shock. And Ryan International School is no stranger to ghastly incidents of negligence on the part of the school authorities, as a few months ago, a child was found dead in a water tank in its Vasant Vihar branch.

On Sunday, parents of students in different branches of Ryan International School got together to mount a concerted campaign against the school. Nearly 250 parents of schoolchildren met to discuss safety and security of their wards on the school premises. The parents resolved to demand concrete assurances from the school management.

Topping the list of demands was the installation of CCTV cameras at the entry and exit points of the school, but also on the outside of toilets. Mere installation was not enough, the cameras must be monitored to ensure they were in working condition and footage was to be stored properly.

“We want functional cameras installed in schoolbuses too. Access to these should be provided to parents also,” said Amit Sharma, a parent.

The group also discussed the presence of female security guards outside washrooms and buses. In fact, a biometric system for children was discussed.  

“The children should punch in to school and a message should reach parents informing them of this,” said Puneet Gauba, another parent.

Sharing her insecurity, Dr Anupam Jain said, "My daughter is in shock, and not ready to go to school. At every parent-teacher meeting, school authorities should share the safety parameters with parents. And if they are charging huge fees, they have to follow all CBSE guidelines."

The Sunday meeting proposed to set up a five-member committee to coordinate with the school authorities and parents.

“We wish to approach the school authorities, and in case our concerns are not met, we will approach the deputy commissioner for action. The idea is to keep our children safe,” Dr Jain said.

The parents have now decided to hold a candle march in memory of the child who was brutally murdered by a bus conductor, who earlier was dismissed from another school for improper behaviour and sexual advances on a minor child.


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