Carry cloth bags, Noida CEO appeals
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Carry cloth bags, Noida CEO appeals

You don't want your Noida to be a plasticity, right? So start carrying cloth bags for your veggies and groceries, Noida Authority urges you, as it uses both the power of force and persuasion to implement the plastic ban.

Carry cloth bags, Noida CEO appeals

Going a step ahead with its decision banning the use of plastic carry bags in the city, Noida Authority is gearing up to launch a massive awareness campaign to sensitise the residents.

This was announced on Saturday (Jan. 2, 2016) during a meeting of RWAs and Noida Authority held at the Indira Gandhi Kala Kendra. More than a hundred representatives from different RWAs of several sectors were present at the meeting.  

Speaking on the occasion, Additional Chief Executive Officer of Noida Authority, Rajesh Prakash, admitted that excessive usage of plastic is causing numerous problems like pollution and chocking of the drainage system.

He urged the public to opt for the old habit of carrying cloth bags while shopping for vegetables and other grocery items.

He said that it will not be possible for the authority to implement this ban effectively without the cooperation of public. Prakash said, “The issue can’t be solved in one go. But if we make up our minds not to use plastic bags, we can certainly achieve our aim for a plastic-free Noida gradually.”

The Noida authority will conduct monthly meetings with RWAs of each sector in which participants will be encouraged to reduce the use of plastic bags.