Dwarka parents question denial of access to school premises

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Posted: Sep 14, 2017

The gruesome murder at Ryan International School has left parents of Dwarka feeling tense about sending their wards to school.

Some parents have admitted that even during admissions, schools are not keen to give a recce of the premises. In fact, most schools, parents alleged, are reticent when it comes to discussing non-academic issues, such as safety.

Sandeep, who didn’t want to give out his full name and whose child studies at Indraprastha International School, said, "After the incident at Ryan International School, all parents are concerned about safety and security measures on school premises. At my school, they have given an identity card to each parent, so they can enter the premises and take their kids after school. But when school gets over all the children gather in the corridor and they rush out together holding hands. What if a child leaves the school without his parents or with somebody else? What are the checks to prevent such a thing from happening? There should be more stringent security at the exit points.”

He continued, “Another important issue is that the PTM is organised after a long gap of three-four months, which ideally should be held twice a month. The management should really think about it. Also, children often complain of soiled toilets — why are these basic things not looked into?”

Dwarka has more than 100 schools. Parents are often hesitant to express their dissatisfaction with the school, as they fear repercussions for their children.

A parent of DPS Dwarka said, "Though overall security arrangements are alright, there must be more vigil and sufficient attendants around toilets, particularly for small children.”

Identity cards of parents are often not checked at the gate, complained a parent of RD Rajpal School.  He added, “Also, the school can’t be reached after a certain point of time — they should be accessible at all times. Schools never allowed parents to check the premises, but now, after the incident of Gurgaon, I feel parents should be allowed full access to have a look at the safety and security measures.”

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