FORWAS demands better security at bus stops
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FORWAS demands better security at bus stops

A recent incident of harassment of a school girl at Sector 9 bus stop, opposite Royal Residency Society, during noon hours has left the residents feeling jittery. 

FORWAS demands better security at bus stops The Sector 9 bus stop

Residents of Sector 9 have started raising their voice for the safety and security of school girls at bus stops. They allege that girls are often stalked and harassed at bus stops in the area, especially during the lonely noon hours.

One such incident recently came to notice at Sector 9 bus stand in front of Royal Residency Apartments. Residents have written to the police stating their concerns.

President of Ganpati Apartments, and president of Federation of RWAs of Sector 9 (FORWAS), Advocate KS Bhati, sent a letter to the ACP of the area.

Bhati shared, "Anti-social elements are seen waiting at the bus stops — ready to prey on vulnerable schoolchildren. This happens especially during the noon hours, when fewer people are around. These miscreants stalk them and pass vulgar comments. The latest incident took place a couple of days back at Sector 9 bus stop, opposite Royal Residency Society, at about 1.30 pm. A girl was being stalked by a goon and he even stopped her forcing her to talk. The girl, frightened by the incident, didn’t go to school the next day. We want police intervention!”

He continued, “We need strict policing during the noon hours at bus stops. Also, the dhabas and squatters near the bus stops are hubs for miscreants. They must be removed immediately by civic agencies."

Though FORWAS team also went to meet the ACP, unfortunately he was not available due to some urgent meeting. The delegation submitted its list of demands to the police.

FORWAS general secretary MK Singh said, "Security is one of the biggest issues in this area. We gave a detailed report on various points of concern. We will also meet the ACP shortly."