Dwarka's Mass Apartments chants waste to wealth mantra

Residents at the workshop on waste management
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Oct 06, 2017

To promote clean and green surroundings in the sub-city, Dwarka Engineers’ Association (DEA) has started composting initiatives at Mass Apartments of Sector 10.   

The association has contributed an iron cage to the society for the purpose of composting, and residents have been asked to layer it with horticulture waste.

RK Jain, Shashi Jain and Sanjeev Verma, all residents of the society, and members of the DEA, have also made attempts to spread awareness about waste segregation at source.


Sanjeev Verma (left) and RK Jain explain composting 


Speaking to City Spidey, RK Jain said, “The response from residents and the management is good, and we think the initiative should be successful. This composter is a gift from the DEA to the society. Going ahead, we shall have at least five such composters in different societies of Dwarka.”

According to Verma, DEA joint secretary, horticulture waste is one of the biggest challenges of waste management. “The composter will turn horticulture waste into compost, which can be reused for horticultural purposes,” he said.

The DEA also organised a workshop for the residents with help from its secretary, Madhuri Varshney, who has also played an instrumental part in promoting composting and solid waste management across Dwarka.

Jain, who is the executive director of DEA, said, “We organised a workshop for solid waste management, and a good number of people participated in it. One of our members, Madhuri, gave a live demonstration and also explained the process through a presentation.”

In the words of Varshney, "waste management is not only the need of the hour but also a moral responsibility."

And Dwarka seems to be embracing that responsibility.

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